WayV-KUN&XIAOJUN 'Back To You (English Ver.)' MV

WayV-KUN\u0026XIAOJUN's first single "Back To You" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/KX_BackToYou

01 这时烟火 (Back To You)
02 夜未眠 (Sleepless)
03 Back To You (English Ver.)

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WayV-KUN\u0026XIAOJUN 'Back To You (English Ver.)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment, LABEL V


  • Alisyah Nadira
    Alisyah Nadira4 godzin temu

    setiap kali lg stress suka dengerin nih lagu deh:( kya healing bgt:( pokok nya thank you buat wayv, love banyak' buat wayv♡

  • Lala Rein
    Lala Rein4 godzin temu

    i'm still here...

  • Siti Lestari
    Siti Lestari5 godzin temu

    Tenang saja dedek Xiaojun aku selalu kesini everyday in the morning and night before going to sleep.. full of love for you both love love love

  • Junahbie Reas
    Junahbie Reas6 godzin temu

    Thank you for working hard Kun and Xioajun. We love you guys!

  • Junahbie Reas
    Junahbie Reas7 godzin temu

    After watching behind the scene, you'll appreciate them more and the staff for working hard on this.

  • YELLOW 💚💛
    YELLOW 💚💛7 godzin temu

    Happy 1 Month!

  • donghyun's girlfriend
    donghyun's girlfriend11 godzin temu

    It's such a nice songs to hear whenever you had any hard time.... OH MY HEART FLUTTER BY THEIR HONEY VOICES

  • Gadis Itu
    Gadis Itu11 godzin temu

    still hit me in the feels

  • hendery
    hendery11 godzin temu


  • silv
    silv13 godzin temu

    Smile and said hello

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon14 godzin temu

    Even with the English version, the atmosphere remains the same. Thank you for making this beautiful song :))

  • Pequeña Perla
    Pequeña Perla15 godzin temu

    Es la versión en inglés y los comentarios están en indonesio. Vamos a ver: ¿Cuántos hablamos español?

  • nananeo
    nananeo16 godzin temu

    Shout Out to Indonesia Fans who stay and listen to our boys!!!!!! And shout out to myself too because I have witnessed and hear a beautiful masterpiece by Kun and Xiaojun

  • Wayzenni stream
    Wayzenni stream18 godzin temu

    That's my favorit boy :*

  • Wayzenni stream
    Wayzenni stream18 godzin temu

    Selamat pagi :)

  • aura sagita
    aura sagita18 godzin temu

    Our love my love ~

  • aura sagita
    aura sagita18 godzin temu

    their voices

  • Dea Agustina
    Dea Agustina19 godzin temu

    Ayo semangat wayzennie

  • N. Ariadna Julian Hernandez
    N. Ariadna Julian HernandezDzień temu

    Cómo amo la canción, todo es hermoso.

  • Emilia Alegre 127
    Emilia Alegre 127Dzień temu

    Sus voces me tocaron el corazón, los amo ♡

  • NCT ot23
    NCT ot23Dzień temu

    you can help us streeaming the song on Spotify too!!

  • WayV Lumi
    WayV LumiDzień temu


  • YELLOW 💚💛
    YELLOW 💚💛Dzień temu


  • lin - لين
    lin - لينDzień temu

    I love you guys ♡

  • Regar Uninzen
    Regar UninzenDzień temu


  • up24
    up24Dzień temu

    At least 1M please

  • Dwi Mania Astutik
    Dwi Mania AstutikDzień temu

    Semangat all

  • LPTV
    LPTVDzień temu

    This song works for two people to sing but the lyrics seem like something only one person would say

  • slime mold
    slime mold2 dni temu

    this video a little fruity during the bridge.... go off kings..... lmao in all seriousness i aint know xiaojun had pipes like that im pleasantly surprised!!!

  • D N
    D N2 dni temu

    i miss wayv

    YANGYANG2 dni temu


  • mema
    mema2 dni temu

    this really gives me comfort

  • 1m g0nN4 sH0w u d4ncE f0R gUrlSs
    1m g0nN4 sH0w u d4ncE f0R gUrlSs2 dni temu

    Ppppppp Annyeong

  • Ayu Moy
    Ayu Moy2 dni temu

    Lagu bagus Gini yaampun kok viewers nya kurang ?? Bagus banget lho padahal

  • aura sagita
    aura sagita2 dni temu

    love love

  • xiao-cooldejun
    xiao-cooldejun2 dni temu

    everything in this mv is soO beautiful. Their vocals, the instrument, their visuals, the lyrics... I'm just gonna cry

  • Cherrypink.2
    Cherrypink.22 dni temu

    _🌸 Sigan Haciendo Stream 🌸_

  • Cherrypink.2
    Cherrypink.22 dni temu


  • I’ll be making a masterpiece now🍀
    I’ll be making a masterpiece now🍀2 dni temu

    I will never shut up about how well Jun and Kun's voices blend together; they sound so beautiful

  • deep breathin
    deep breathin2 dni temu

    ayo yang ngehalu istrinya kun ge, streaming dong!!! kasih support sama suami biar makin disayang :>

  • maile c.
    maile c.3 dni temu

    the way both versions of this song are amazing?!?!! the lyrics in each version are so beautiful + kun and xiaojun give such powerful performances for both, im in love

  • ayu laksmi
    ayu laksmi3 dni temu

    Such a great voice 🥺

  • Ratu Narivany
    Ratu Narivany3 dni temu

    my sis asked me to str3am so here i am :)

  • Junahbie Reas

    Junahbie Reas

    7 godzin temu

    Wow. Thank you!

  • Hello, Dee
    Hello, Dee3 dni temu

    WayV's my most favorite unit in NCT. I am an EXO-L but I am so happy to meet these guys.. Xiao Jun is my ultimate wrecker alongside with Yang Yang.. Kun is giving me Suho vibes..

  • Hari Krishnan E.S
    Hari Krishnan E.S3 dni temu

    Heaven ❤:please support them.

  • Kimn_ Niisa
    Kimn_ Niisa3 dni temu

    Best vocal SM :)

  • Widya
    Widya4 dni temu

    Jujurly enak banget aaaa kenapa ga ku notice dariawaaal

  • kwincity
    kwincity4 dni temu


  • iseulgii
    iseulgii4 dni temu


  • stream NEXT LEVEL
    stream NEXT LEVEL4 dni temu

    XiaoKun ❤️

  • aura sagita
    aura sagita4 dni temu

    love thiss

  • Franchette Simene
    Franchette Simene4 dni temu

    As of 07.19.2021 we have 661,997 views... thank you for our wayzennies who continue to stream. Don't y'all worry. Slowly we'll get there. 1M is just around the corner. Just come back here again.

  • Franchette Simene
    Franchette Simene4 dni temu

    Back to you again.

  • Dhea Azzahra
    Dhea Azzahra5 dni temu

    Kencengin terus streamingnyaa

  • Ticha Jaaa
    Ticha Jaaa5 dni temu

    เพลงดีมากกกกกก อิเหี้ยยย ปลดล็อกสกินขี้หูทองคำ 🥺😭😭😭👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Full Moon
    Full Moon5 dni temu

    Back to you again~

  • sunnie sunnie
    sunnie sunnie5 dni temu

    Masih pada str3ming ga nih?

  • woohoojazelyn
    woohoojazelyn5 dni temu

    hello!!!! KINGS OF VOCALS!!!!

  • zyrahjisung
    zyrahjisung5 dni temu

    wayv is nct too so don't forget to support them and str3am their mv !!

  • silv
    silv5 dni temu

    Indah sekali mereka ♡

  • finn jake
    finn jake5 dni temu

    This song is so soothing

  • Jeno yaa~
    Jeno yaa~5 dni temu

    Dear Kun & Xiaojun, no matter how many obstacles you'll face in your way. I will always want you guys to be happy and keep making masterpieces.

  • zahra meilani
    zahra meilani5 dni temu

    candu bngt suaranya asliiii

  • hendery
    hendery5 dni temu


  • I am Bella!
    I am Bella!5 dni temu

    omg xiaojun! This man deserves more attention

  • I am Bella!
    I am Bella!5 dni temu

    I loooove it. I wish if it could be a new OST

  • I am Bella!
    I am Bella!5 dni temu

    I watch this religiously

  • Lorav
    Lorav5 dni temu

    this song deserves 5 million views

  • Junahbie Reas

    Junahbie Reas

    7 godzin temu

    More than I think.

  • Lorav
    Lorav5 dni temu

    beautiful therapeutic song

  • mf who always simps for drawings
    mf who always simps for drawings5 dni temu

    im inlove

  • drag yoy
    drag yoy6 dni temu


  • chitta fruit
    chitta fruit6 dni temu


  • Ty Win7
    Ty Win76 dni temu

    I will back to you Dejun

  • Ty Win7
    Ty Win76 dni temu

    Aahhhh nangis akuuu aahhhh

  • Ty Win7
    Ty Win76 dni temu

    I feel the feeling in this song.. oh Lord

  • Ty Win7
    Ty Win76 dni temu

    Vocalnya Xiaojun ama Kun yaa Tuhan hal terindah yg prnah ku dengar

  • Ty Win7
    Ty Win76 dni temu

    Nangiss ooyy nangis saking indahnya

  • Ty Win7
    Ty Win76 dni temu

    No regret stan WAYV

  • Ty Win7
    Ty Win76 dni temu

    Asetnya SM berharga banget yaaaa uuhhh

  • Ty Win7
    Ty Win76 dni temu

    indah indah indah indah pokoknya indah.

  • Ty Win7
    Ty Win76 dni temu

    Accent englishnya keren!!!

  • Ty Win7
    Ty Win76 dni temu

    INDAH BANGET !!! pas Xiaojun nynyi di awal lgsung netes air mata ini. Aduh indah banget

  • Ty Win7
    Ty Win76 dni temu

    Ya Tuhan... suara mereka tuuhh smpe nangis aku

  • Nabila Senja
    Nabila Senja6 dni temu

    how can 3 weeks ago still under 1m views? tbh this song is very touching 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sone4eva
    Sone4eva6 dni temu

    Gila lagu sebagus ini sepi peminat, heran gue

  • 25 3
    25 36 dni temu

    Ayok Wayzenni 1 jt yok :)

    FELICEz FELICE6 dni temu

    Suaranya adem banget 🤩

    HYVLES6 dni temu

    back to you while raining🕺🏻

  • Pecinta Bujang WayV
    Pecinta Bujang WayV6 dni temu


  • Hamsinah Hitachy
    Hamsinah Hitachy6 dni temu

    Ayo satu juta

  • jaeminbubb
    jaeminbubb6 dni temu

    whenever I hear this song, I always feel like I am going through a breakup even though I am in my happiest state :))

  • hali del angel
    hali del angel6 dni temu

    Agradecida con el de arriba

  • Ubbadah Resmiyani
    Ubbadah Resmiyani6 dni temu

    Kun ge, xiaojun thank you for your beautiful voice 💚

  • Dinda Amanda
    Dinda Amanda7 dni temu

    ayooo streaming lg

  • Han Yong Joon
    Han Yong Joon7 dni temu

    Fighting .wavzenni for you

  • Iandstuhl
    Iandstuhl7 dni temu

    The sceneries tho

  • Iandstuhl
    Iandstuhl7 dni temu


  • egg !
    egg !7 dni temu


  • Lightgreen Wheels
    Lightgreen Wheels7 dni temu

    Tears are running...

  • ftr jn
    ftr jn7 dni temu

    Beautiful voice